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What to Look For in Your CCIE Training Instructor

The path to any CISCO Certification can be quite costly. While it is possible to study on your own, the learning process is greatly augmented by enlisting the help of training personnel. Private training is exceedingly expensive which necessitates the need to know what one needs in a proper training provider.

Preparing to Get the CCIE Certification

A brief introduction into the CCIE exam. One of the most difficult certification exams out there, the number of people who have successfully acquired a certificate is low. However, the rewards of passing are high in proportion to the difficulty.

A+: Arguably The Most Popular CompTIA Certification

So many computer technology certifications exist that choosing one to start with can be confusing. At this time, one of the most popular types of CompTIA certification is known as "A+." This certification focuses on a combination of computer…

Bug Fixing Your App

Apps have become pretty ubiquitous, with thousands of independent programmers and companies churning out an entire range of apps, that can do pretty much anything through your phone. Apps also of course, can used online and on your desktop.

PAT Testing Gets a Bad Name Because of Sticker Jockey’s – PAT Testing Cowboys!

Every industry has a minority of people that give it a bad name, by ‘providing a service’; in the case of PAT testing we refer to them as “Sticker Jockey’s” – they’re not PAT Testers they’re time wasters. They may have the qualification to say they are a PAT tester, they may even have been doing the job for a long time, but they are not genuine PAT testers that the industry insiders would recommend.

Benifits of Acquiring The Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional certification has become mandatory in today’s business and work environments. Here are a few very important benefits of this certification.

The Criteria Needed To Boast Of Advanced Excel Skills

This article looks at the definition of a Microsoft advanced user. It will outline some fundamental skills that are needed to meet the requirements of an advanced Excel user.

How to Win a Software Testing Campaign the Sun Tzu Way

It is very surprising to hear how many “test professionals” engage in software testing without a test strategy. Often we come across QA professionals preaching that they will test everything to ensure quality and bug free systems. Digging into the idea of testing everything, it is common to observe that many test efforts are focused on working with business users to create detailed business oriented test scripts- happy path testing with limited success.

Training The Fallible Project Manager

Natural and otherwise useful cognitive functions can get in the way of rational decision-making. This is particularly important for project managers, who get one chance to get it right. Good training that includes the cognitive functions of heuristics and biases can help.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Take Microsoft Certification Courses?

Nowadays, it seems as if education is more important than ever. More and more people are beginning to graduate with college degrees, and those who do not have any extra education can often find it difficult to find and keep jobs in today’s world…

PMP Certification Is a Must for Responsible Positions

Those who acquire Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification are considered to be highly qualified in performing their job. This is because they are required to undergo a rigorous scheme of courses for achieving this certification. Certification is presented only if they apply the principles they have acquired through experience on a variety of industrial platforms.

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